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new pc player looking for players

looking for new players to play with


  • Our club turned 20 years old in November. We have been around since Dark Forces 2.

    We are casual but organized. We have weekly events and regularly scheduled game nights and an active discord. Please come check us out.

    Join us in IGF discord
  • Hey! We'd love to have you in AOD. We have 3000 members spread across 18 different games while Battlefront 2 division is home to 200+ members! If you're interested, head on over to or add me on Origin (AOD_S4if) and I'll sort you out.

    Ask me anything :)
  • Hey men, if you like you can join community i am in Called Grand Army of the Republic in there you'll find people to play with, on all platforms, we also have Regiment/Legion and Rank up system, if you are interested here is a Discord Link:
    Marshall Commander Cody Out.
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