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Help plz

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I recently just bought battlefront 2 and I know this is a stupid question probably but when i enter game mode I don't see anakin, boba fett, darth maul, or general grievous and a few others as a choice I know I might have to buy them but i don't know where could someone help plz
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  • they all should be available, or at least visible, are they locked or not visible at all?
  • When u start a game of say Galactic Assault, you have to earn enough credits to unlock them. Usually around 4000 points. You get these points by killing the enemy.
    There are only a certain amount of heroes/villains allowed on certain stages of a game so if someone got the points quicker than you, they will have the hero until they die.
    If you want to practice using heroes, I suggest you play Coop as that is a good way to rank uo ur character.
    Another option is to play Heroes v Villains, that way you'll be certain to grab one.


  • Guess OP is playing Capital Supremacy. Capital Supremacy is currently only available to Clone ars era - this will be expanded to ST by the end of January.

    However, heroes in this mode are era locked, meaning you can only play a limited number of heros / villains in this mode. For light side Yoda, Chewi, Ani and Obi; whereas on the sith side we have Bossk, Count, Grievous and Maul

    If you want to play all heroes online you will either have to play HvV oder GA
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