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Fix Bossk!!

Wanted to say "that is all" but I can't. How does Han have more HP than Bossk? Finn can keep up with him when running? The way he (Bossk) is currently, may as well scrap him and replace him with an IG assassin droid. Three abilities as follows. 1) 360° dead-eye shot radius increase available thru Star cards. 2) hand-to-hand flurry, it'll move like the commando droids dodge when pummeling foes. 3) self-diagnostic a limited self-heal also scalable thru Star cards. And ::gasp:: a 4th ability, you guessed it self-destruction, Manufacturers' protocol dictates I cannot be captured. I must self-destruct. A devastating aoe explosion the would make Michael Bay proud. Now that I'm thinking about it, just fix Bossk and institute IG into the game.

That is all.
"I am one with the Force and the Force is with me. I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me, aaaand now I have a lightsaber!"


  • Other blaster heroes may have more HP but they also don’t have full health regen. I also didn’t know Bossk was supposed to be the fastest runner. Bossk is alright, I miss his old jump but I can see why they took it out. I don’t believe any changes are really needed though I would like to see an IG unit added as well.
  • Bossk is fine, they just need to fix his massive bugs that came with last month (predator ending early, bonus mine card not working, maybe another).

    When everything works he's a nightmare for saber heroes because they can't turtle guard against his abilities and will still get chipped away at.
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