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On going hacking on PC

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edited January 9
I filed 3 reports on the weekend through Origin. Two of the suspects I have pictures of below. I will now start to post on this forum as well as origin. So what you doing about it DICE. Also, I have just seen a hack which shows any player on the map. So now I am getting really suspicious of high scoring LAAT players.

[images removed by moderator/ naming and shaming]
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  • IIPrest0nII
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    I will now start to post on this forum as well as origin.

    Please do not post this on the forums as naming and shaming is against the rules:

    The reason for this is simple.
    • We are not able to expedite action taken against suspected cheaters.
    • We have a report system, which is always going to be the proper way of dealing with cheaters.
    • None of us here on the forum are able to look at statistical data and monitor suspected cheaters in-game.
    • We are tasked with overseeing the forum.
    • The report system should be used if you suspect a player is not playing fairly or is violating the EA terms of service.

    Star Wars Battlefront Community Forums Moderator
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