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what about new snipers? more units for the CIS?

In advance, forgive me for my weak knowledge of English, but you won't get much attention in the German EA Forum than in the International Forum.

moreover, my contribution to the CIS, not to the Republic, or to the other parties of later epochs.

I think it's extremely great that the Droideka has already made it into the game. but I would also like to be allowed to use a sniperdroideka. alternatively I would also be happy with a replacement of the normal sniper class - as an example I would replace the B1 droids with a BX command droid. of course it should still have the same skills as the B1, only that the B1 skin would be replaced. thus the security skin of the B1 could also be used on the attack class, the heavy class, and also the officer class.

how about other ideas?
my list: (the 2 listed again here)

- Sniperdroideka (as amplifier)

- BX Command Droid - sniper (from TCW, which either replaces the B1 sniper or adds cosmetics)

- Droid Marine (battle droids from the classic Battlefront 2, as skin)

- Darth Maul with cyborg legs (almost everyone wants it, right?)

- More vehicles (octuptarra droid? Homing Spider droid? Hailfire droid? Persuader enforcer (Snailtank)?)

- improved control of the staps (and the Barc Speeder)

- B1 jet pack battledroids (with the attack and officer skin / as cosmetic and physical generation of the CIS jet troopers)

that would be my ideas, what do you think?
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