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EA, please expand the offline features first!

Dear developers

Instead of constantly adding new online content, you should also think of the offline features, especially the features for the split screen (e.g. available modes & maps).

The offline mode also deserves attention and should not be neglected in any way.
Please pay attention to the comments in this forum.

Thank you very much.



  • At the moment they expand both, online and offline stuff and i'm happy about this. In 2-3 weeks we are getting 3 new maps for Instant Action (including everything related to them and the ST era), so i wouldn't say, they neglect offline content as a whole.
    But of course Arcade is a back burner and since it's the only mode with splitscreen available (due to hardware limitations) i get your point.
    I hope, they'll add an offline HvV-mode, once the OT Instant Action stuff arrives.
  • Yep!

    HvH and more maps from the online content would be nice in split screen! :D
  • If they could get a functioning 4 player splitscreen working that would be HUGE. It feels like the "due to hardware limitations" is because they were trying to figure out how to run the game at 100% with 4 players. They determined it can only handle 2 players so that's where we are today.

    Even if the everything was dumbed down with reduced quality it would be great. The original Star Wars Battlfront 2 is still superior in this area.
  • Yep! The original Battlefront series are still great!
    You, EA Games and DICE, should take an example on your previous games.

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