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Obi-Wan: Restrictive Mind Trick (RMT) should only affect force powers

Um so yeah my gun doesn't stop working, so why should my Stun Droid, Droid Shield, Wrist Rockets, Micro-grenades and Staff Strikes not be functional?

I can also still move my limbs during RMT but somehow I can't throw down a Sentry Droid, a Dioxis Grenade or Proximity Mines.

Blaster heroes are absolutely defenseless while under the influence of RMT. It only takes about 0.5s to die.

Please nerf or just replace this poorly thought-out ability.

P.S. WTF is going on with Palps already? Last time he was this OP you removed him entirely from the game.


  • Stop trying to 1v1 an obi wan then? Or maybe be smart and use the moves before he mind tricks you?

    RMT was already nerfed and you can dodge out of it now not to mention most of the time it doesnt even work anyway, what more do you want?
  • How about no? Obi is practically worthless now since his last mind trick nerf.
  • Just stay on the high ground, he doesn't need that ability to become more obsolete.
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