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Not much motivation to go for objectives and stick with squadmates

Just finished a few rounds of Galactic Assault.
Specifically, as Droids on Geonosis. During the whole second and third phase, I went Heavy, and used my Ion Torpedo and Torpedo Launcher to try take down the Walkers.
Maybe it's just me, but if you're shooting the AT-TE's from a long distance, but my hit marker was lighting up like crazy, apparently the hits were registering, but my score wasn't going up. For 2 entire phases, I ended up 14th on our team.
After seeing that score, and the amount of Walkers in the last 2 phases, up to 4 at a time, with their HP they have, Clones are almost guaranteed a win, as long as they're pushing the obj.
Speaking of GA, wonder what everyone thinks of not being painted with a nice big fat target marker on the one who picks up the rocket launcher to make the walker's vulnerable?
On that note, I haven't really seen any Walkers go down since I've played (pre-ordered for release.) It feels like the only time the defense has a chance to win is during the last few phases, when majority of the map is all choke points.
After all this, it really doesn't motivate you to hit the target for score, but rather focus on kills, as that's where you get the most points.
What are your thoughts?


  • I also don't like that your position is automatically revealed to the enemy while you have the rocket launcher. I also haven't seen any walkers go down as well. Sometimes I'm hesitant to grab the rocket launcher because the range is so limited and you position is revealed making you easier to kill.
  • Ya, I don't like how the enemy knows where they spawn too. Like if they get an idea the defenders are pushing to get close to a rocket, they just spam it with grenades and other knockback/down abilities that make it extremely difficult to grab said rocket.
    Even if you're lucky enough to grab it, the enemy knows exactly where you are. Soon as you try shoot the rocket on Crait, the AT-whatever's, AT-ST's, TIE Fighters, and soldiers with grenades know where you are and can spam you before you have a chance to load up a shot.
    It'd be cool if they could remove the exact location for the enemy to see the rockets.
    Instead of having a big bulls eye on you, maybe have a similar glow like when a turret is targeting you.
    Also, when you're loading up a shot, maybe have a small shimmer, like when a sniper is using their scope.
    This will make a little easier to get hits on the Walkers, and still give the enemy a chance to see and intercept you, but without the obvious signs made for dummies.
    PS: They should increase the battle points/score you get for attacking a Walker/objective as well.
  • I do agree with you, completely. Geonosis played from Droids' side is extremely boring and annoying, because no one is focused on the primary target (that should be to take down the Walkers) and the Walkers definitely have too much health compared to the firepower available to Droids in such a short time.
    Plus, there are some tricks in Geonosis that allow the Republic to be super effective and not let Droids really use Heavy Troopers to shot more than 1 set of rockets before being completely bulldozed.

    To be honest, I've only seen Droids winning once in Geonosis, and trust me when I tell you that I played hundreds of hours.
  • I have honestly never ever eeeeeever seen droids win on Geonosis.... I hate GA anyhow though (only play it when my group wants to play it), so I won't add much more dialogue to the issue haha

    That's why I prefer CS. It's much easier for new players to track whats going on, and you can mark objectives. Overall, lends way better to team play and focusing on the objective.

    I also think that tracking players with rocket launchers should be limited to while it is locking on. There is no logical reason they would be able to monitor your location otherwise imo
  • The only way I've seen droids win on Geo was the first phase. If the Clones get past that, it's mostly just a matter of time until they push into the droid base with the walkers. Unless they're a bunch of potatoes, it's hard to lose as the Clones.
    Yes, as for the rocket launcher, it doesn't make sense at all to have a big bulls-eye on the carrier, or a big red marker for the offense to see where they're spawned or dropped.
  • I played Geo earlier as Droids and we were able to blow up a few of the AT-TEs, but it got progressively harder as the match went on. I think its rough to make a game balanced and thematic at the same time, while also engaging and tactical in such hectic environments. With that said, to destroy the walkers, it would require people to work together on droid-side to push forward and reach the walker/shoot underneath it. The hard part is also the fact that you're going to be constantly bum rushed by respawns.

    Honestly, it can be done, but its not easy. What would've made more sense for Geonesis, to give Droids a better chance, is to let players utilize the Spider Droids as an artillery slot.
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