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Spawn Decision


Just now i played a game of Walker Assault on Crait as the Defender.
The Enemys rained hell down on us as usual. But i tought maybe try to get into the
AA to help my team. Spoiler i couldnt. Why is it that you cant spawn way back as the defender.
Even for sniper it would be beneficial. You shouldnt only spawn at the Frontline, because it makes it
too easy to get stumped over.
My tought of a good and easy change that does not force the player.
Like in the old bf2 where you could spawn at any spawn point.

Best Regards


German not english so excuse me for errors :)


  • bfloo
    16587 posts Member
    the default spawn varies depending on how many times you have to retreat.

    They can't spawn every one back there during the 1st 2 or 3 sections, it would take too long to start engaging.
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