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Capital ship, world of warships

There should be a new mode on battlefront where you can control capital ships similar to how you can control ships in world of warships and dreadnought. It would be an amazing game mode which would be a large scale version of starfighter assault. Capital ships could have abilities like launching squadrons of fighters or bombers or interceptors, along with launching proton torpedoes and heavy lazers. There could also be multiple types of ships like assault ships, corvettes and capital ships.

Another good game mode could just be a complete boarding mode where a group of soldiers are just making their way through a capital ship, headed to the bridge. it would basically be similar galactic assault entirely on a capital ship. They could board either by crashing into the ship or by docking with another capital ship


  • That'd be pretty cool having the ability to control ships. Something similar that I wanted to see was a behemoth from battlefield 1 as a star destroyer in this game. You'd be able to control it and fire the turrets at the bottom.
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  • That sounds more like a new game, but it's a cool idea, i would like to see something more like Eve online or Empire at War Remake
    Ny shootogawa!
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