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1v1 hero game mode

Throughout my time playing 4v4, it usually comes to a point where there's four lightsabers swinging at only you with no way of escaping. I wanted to be rewarded for being good at dueling because no matter how good you are, a 1v4 will never work out for you unless you manage you throw them off an edge (if you have time to do so). I started playing 2v2's to hopefully resolve this issue. Sadly the same thing applies. Most of the time it quickly turns into a 2v1 which is almost always is a win for the team of two. If you're lucky, you strike down your opponent and so does the enemy dueling your teammate and it becomes a 1v1, except you both usually have drastically different health points. I feel like if we had a 1v1 game mode, then good duelists can actually fight on equal ground without interference.
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