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Any chance of evening out enemy force numbers in coop? Its a bit much.

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I just recently started playing Battlefront 2 and really enjoy the game. While I haven't been having issues with the difficulty, I just think it might be nice to able to make sure the teams are even (if they're not already even) when doing coop vs AI. I understand the amount of bots are supposed to give a sense of grand scale as well as create some difficulty due to the sheer numbers, but it feels almost a bit too spammy, at least for me.

For instance, I was just playing a round of coop as Galactic Republic on Kashyyyk and 3 members of my squad went to point A while I went to point B, and it seemed as if the entire droid army went to B. I wish I took a screenshot of it, but the point is littered with bots, making it pretty much impossible for me to push them away. Yet none of the bots of mine side where anywhere to be found.

So I don't know, either the bot behavior is kind of weird/wonky or something is amiss. What I have noticed though is that the bot AI seems to pick one point and flood it with the majority of its forces, while the stragglers go for other points. Seems like lazy AI implementation at first glance, or maybe the AI is so amazingly programmed that its actually utilizing an effective strategy.

But yeah, any chance of being able to lower the bot count or are there any plans to make changes to the coop mode for 2020 that anyone knows about?
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  • No clearly outlined changes have been stated, I’ll point out any team in coop who sees what you’ve just pointed out and continues to attack the heavily guarded base after noticing is asking for a lost round. It takes the bots quite awhile to recognize when to move troops in mass to another base so if anything it’s a quirk in AI to sometimes not spread out as they should and it’s one that can be taken advantage of in order to win. Not all bases are like this and each game is different but some rounds make it more apparent than others.
    Felucia is usually a great example of this in round 1 along with Kashykk round 1 whether playing offense or defense the bots usually go for bases all in one group. Defense on Felucia the clones almost always take A with the whole team nearly immediately if you let them in my experience.
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