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The Emperor is so overpowered that it is now nearly impossible to win as the light side. He is that enraging I generally dislike the emperor as a character now.
A good fix could be making the emporers lightning reflect back at him or one that I think would be cool is to let him keep a one handed lightning attack but give him a lightsabre in the other hand
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  • People need to learn how to counter him. If I see him on the other team and I'm Han, I'll just keep going for him all the time.. Sometimes they get bored and change characters or leave.. If no one makes an effort to attack him, he'll melt you all..
    I like playing Palpy and if no one aims for me, well, it's over for them.. Had a game on Jakku today and went 35kills 0 deaths... No one made an effort to get me.. lol


  • Just made a forum post on palpatine if anyone is curious here’s the link
  • Palpatine is balanced


  • He iSTN blanced, you have no chance to kill him even when you have a Blaster Hero because he can doge + do damage to you.
  • Lightning should not reflect back, that didn’t even fully happen in the movies, Palp was damaged by being too close to the lightsaber that was defending his lightning attack. It wasn’t like the lightning was reflected back from across the room.

    He is a powerhouse if left unchecked. Anakin, Finn and Han Solo can do well against him. Luke can do alright or at least keep knocking him down.
  • A possible balance could be to significantly tune down aim-assist from double handed lightning so it actually requires skill to use but leave one handed lightning as is
  • Basti1284 wrote: »
    He iSTN blanced, you have no chance to kill him even when you have a Blaster Hero because he can doge + do damage to you.

    You do if you don't go rushing in with your saber comrades... It's like when I start on Jakku I immediately go to the right and wait so I can see all the way to the bridge. Normally the Jedi meet the enemy there and I can shoot from a distance and help them out.. If I see Palpy, I'll take him out before he gets anywhere near me.
    Now, my ***** team mate that say takes Finn and runs in with my jedi friends gets melted.. Shooter + Distance = Dead Palpy.
    Shooter + face to face = Dead shooter


  • Yeah he is OP but unfortunately dice have done nothing yet and people have been asking for awhile now for a nerf for him
  • Palp makes playing dark side HvV too easy and very boring. Please Dice give Vader the ability to choke Palpatine to death because I’d rather play 3v4 than have a palp on my team.
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