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Cross Play?

ever going to add cross play to the game? It would really help pc players find more matches and it would be a great option to entice people to get the game


  • @santi0382 PC aim is pretty good compared to console aim. I'd like it but I can see people calling it unfair.
  • thesuperone342
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    edited January 13
    PC has so many hackers so no.
  • no one on consoles wants to let PC cheaters in

    sorry, "PC master race", yer own yer own (literally, in empty lobbies)
  • Not only do console players not want to deal with hackers, but it’s something that the developers don’t even have planned right now.

    This was from a post about 3 days ago on Reddit.

  • As a console player, I don't want any cross play... On console we all play with pad, at the same resolution and fps. Also I never found a hacker on console, and I don't want to start now.
  • Its possible though highly unlikely. The game wasnt designed for crossplay in the first place, and implementing it this far into the game cycle would be troublesome to say the least.
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  • santi0382 wrote: »
    ever going to add cross play to the game? It would really help pc players find more matches and it would be a great option to entice people to get the game

    ⁵Playing against hackers. No thanks
  • anidriX
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    I love how every console player in this thread assumes every server, every mode, every match is riddled with hackers to the point of it being unplayable.

    1. No, that’s not the case. There are hackers but they are not as common as some people here seem to think. On a personal experience, they are very rare. In the near two years I’ve been playing this game, I’ve only encountered just handful of hackers and most of them blatant with damage modifiers.
    2. Acting like hackers would be the main problem with cross play. No, it’s the obvious difference in the input. PC players would have a massive advantage over Console, it’s enough to see this by checking in YouTube how much lower our killstreaks are on average. Yes, we have potato players as well that could get outaimed by console players but otherwise no, it’d be unfair.
  • XB1 with PS4, yes.
    PC with any console system, no.
  • CC_1010
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    Console players would get eaten alive by pc players when its console vs pc input tbh. That’s what some people that know way more about this technical stuff told me. So it’s very unlikely:)
  • DarthLando
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    edited January 14
    Console versus console - yes

    I don’t want to deal with hackers though

    Won’t happen thoooo
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