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Spawn Timer & Spawn System is horrible!

The spawn timer should be 3 or 5 seconds max! Also, spawning on players is horrible! There’s many times that I try to spawn on a teammate who is around no enemies but it says it’s not allowed. Fix these issues!


  • Yep. Sometimes its funny that team member is "in combat" but no enemies in 5miles. Sometimes it just says unavailable to spawn without no reason. It could be little a bit better system.
  • please dice do something with the spawning system on pc and on ps4 as well . i cant stand play blast mode on ps4 when enemy spawn right behind me or the enemy team memebers spawn on eatch other . i cant even spawn time to time on my team members or friends please fix this issue . its like forever you dont repair those glitches in the game . on ps4 this is catastrophic and this overall destroy overall gameplay . please do something about it . i understand you busy with other projects or modes but dont forget about people who still play smaller mods . just fix spawning and i be ok with everything else .
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