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The time it takes for heros to get up needs to be CUT IN HALF

68 posts Member
edited January 14
Take the annoying crap that no one likes out da game. STUNS


  • I mean it’s already pretty fast honestly, maybe one or two swings worth of time
  • I would like this for blaster heroes. Tired of getting slashes 3-4 times while standing up.
  • The force abilities and Hans bomb if you are not blocking are what take forever to get up from. Stuns like Lando, Iden, Chewie, Phasma release you immediately.

    It was unacceptable for you to be able to chain blaster stuns in a row so that was nerfed but you can still be force ragdolled for 10 seconds straight. Pretty inconsistent treatment.
  • Loujjw13
    50 posts Member
    edited January 14
    Lmao someone got mad Lando hit him with the disabler
  • ?
    It takes a split second for you to get up.
    Your journey nears its end.
  • Vetrix
    68 posts Member
    edited January 15
    Loujjw13 wrote: »
    Lmao someone got mad Lando hit him with the disabler

    no, i got mad at being flung around for 5 min by a mix of luke, anakin and yoda in hvv just like everyone else
  • What's that? Saber heroes should cut blaster heroes in half instantly? Brilliant idea! We'll get this forwarded to the devs immediately!
    "I felt there was a large amount of human chauvinism... also I felt very bad that at the end the Wookie didn't get a medal also... oh, all the people got medals but the Wookie who had been in there fighting all the time, didn't get any medal, and I thought that was an example of Anti-Wookie discrimination." - Carl Sagan on the subject of Star Wars
    He knew.
  • one of two things...either 1) yes lower the knocked down time or recovery time whatever you wanna call it. or 2) increase reaction time for block/roll/dodge. when knocked down, saber heroes get 2 free swings on you. that is nonsense and a horrible mechanic...especially for blaster heroes.
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