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make captain Rex a hero

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edited January 15
i think captain Rex of the 501st should be a hero because he is just an overall badass

his health would be 775 HP

be using dual DC-17s that would do more damage than the arc trooper but will function like one two shooting one at a time with the left or right trigger

1st ability "Bigger Blaster" Rex will pull out a DC-15 rifle it will do 130 damage to troopers and 175 to heroes per hit

2nd ability "Homing Explosive" Rex will have a homing weapon that will shoot straight (with Bullet Drop) and will have an explosive that will stick to any surface and it will explode on your command

3rd ability "Covering Fire" is where rex is able to role and fire at the same time with the DC-17s or the DC-15 the ability will take about 8 seconds 45 damage to trooper and 70 to heroes if shot in the body

Default Skin will be his phase II armour

1st Skin phase I armour 20,000

2nd Skin phase I helmetless 40,000

3rd Skin phase II helmetless 40,000

4th Skin old Rex 40,000

5th Skin old Rex helmet less 40,000

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