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Leia campaign hairstyle

Can we get this hairstyle back in multiplayer for her please


  • I really liked it, more than the one from the comic's we have now, we need both!
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  • Can we also get her cake back
  • Feelee16
    424 posts Member
    edited January 14
  • It is odd when they wanted the Clone Aerial to have a new default skin for whatever reason they also kept the option to have the old skin, but when they changed Leia's default skin, changed the Rebel Aerial, and they added the new FO Aerial the old models just got removed. There was some clamor to make her old hairstyle a separate skin too when they changed it.
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  • But 3 buns instead of 2 is the ultimate leia
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  • Feelee16
    424 posts Member
    edited January 15
    @Empire_TW yeah I found those decisions kind of frustrating like for some they didn't even bother to try and make them seperate. Doesn't really make sense to take away content like that, content that people enjoyed(edit) where are they now anyway? Just sitting in the game files?
  • Legolas79391
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    edited January 15
    We all know what skin Leia needs. A skin that should be added long ago


  • We all know what skin Leia needs. A skin that should be added long ago

    Lol yep
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