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Improving Leia

So leia is the worst hero on the roster at the minute except over massive distances like on Geonosis, Hoth, Crait.

The main problem is once she comes close to a Sith she is toast.
Given the revelations of the Rise of Skywalker there are two ways you can buff her in my opinion.

Rebel Way

Replace her most useless Star cards with a choice of Grenade loadout.

Bacta Bomb as was suggested. Instant very aggressive healing to all allies in range for 5 seconds.

Enhanced Thermal Detonator, 150 damage in a 10 meter radius.

Or the Current Incarnation of her Flash Grenade.

Remove her shield and add an electromagnetic field that absorbs blaster fire and disorientates enemies within it.
Once it reaches full charge (similar to the health of her shield) it explodes doing 100 damage and very powerful knockback.
Leia can manually detonate it at it's current charge for a proportional amount of damage by holding the deploy button. IE 10% deals 10 damage.

The Jedi trainee way

Give her Jedi sprint speed, not the jump though.

Whenever a lightsaber villain comes close she draws her lightsaber until they either flee, she flees or they die. She can still use her grenade but not her blaster abilities.

Give her an extra dodge


  • @HankScorpio I'll play as a medic Leia with bacta if something like this were to happen.
  • They should start by nerfing saber tracking and making roll actually work then nerfing Vader and Grievous. Then they can think about reworks
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  • JMaster
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    I've got a few suggestions for Leia...
    Leia Organa:
    Leia- to me- has slipped down the rungs. She used to be one of the best, but now… she seems mediocre, and our Princess deserves better. A large part of that relates to her abilities, they’re kind of lame.
    First, her Flash Grenade is nigh pointless, as - just like Boba's rocket- it does no damage, and doesn't blind enemies for as long or hinder movement like the base Officer's used to! There isn’t even a hit marker, so you can’t tell who’s been affected by it without a Star Card. With the introduction of her Boushh skin, it got me thinking... what if her flash-bang were re-skinned to look like a Thermal Detonator, and given the same damage and radius on impact as an Assault Trooper's Detonator but still has the blinding effect? I think this would be great, as currently it has no almost use against troopers. It could be balanced by reducing the damage against heroes by a percentage, perhaps 25-30%. I would have a direct hit on blocking saber heroes cause them to stagger and grant a small window to fire at them to make Leia a bit more lethal against encroaching Sith Lords. However, hitting the block reduces the damage of them by half. In addition, she should have the “Blinding Reveal” effect normally, that’s how it is for the Officer grenade and she should have that feature at base as well.
    The lock-on nerf to Secondary Fire was okay, but the damage was one of the few things it had going for it. Bringing back either the same damage or lock-on would be nice, but I'd prefer the former. I might balance this by again lessening the damage to villains slightly,
    I also think her Rapid Fire has been stealth-nerfed, it either needs more accuracy or more oomph to the shots, as it blooms like no-body’s business. One idea for a buff during this is to grant Leia another roll during it, so she can really evade incoming Saber-lords.
    Her Shield is also a contentious thing… it feels so ineffective. Ion fire takes all shields down (it should still be a weakness) and it might do well to make Leia’s just a little more resistant. I’d allow Leia to pick it up and redeploy it like the Officer’s shield and turret, there’s no reason she shouldn’t do that. Once inside, however, she’s a sitting duck. There’s several ideas I have for this… she could fire through the shield with her alt-fire/E-11/both, considering she could do this with Trooper Bane in the last game, it’s a shame. It could also spray Bacta to fully heal friendlies. No large self-buffs like Yoda or Finn. To compensate, I would have some abilities still go throw, like Bossk’s Dioxis (but nothing stops that anyways, so…), I’d have the Emperor’s lightning still go through, but with like 30-50% damage reduction passing through, although it'd probably take down her shield faster.
    Her perk is her new HOK card, as 10% damage reduction around allies isn’t huge but is still a nice effect.
    Card Reworks: “Blinding Reveal” will now be an “No Bargain” card that grants her an extra charge on her Detonator, they’ll just have a very slow recharge (longer than the normal cooldown like the other additional charge cards) compared to the other charge-based attacks. “Optimized Shield Deploy” is kind of bland, as well as pointless since it only affects the recharge time on the and it could go to her hypothetical 4th ability instead, granting a larger area of effect. It could also just be a card that grants all her abilities like 20-25% faster recharge times, but I dunno.
    4th ability: I’ve actually got several ideas for this and I can’t commit to one. So you guys tell me what you’d prefer. My personal favorite option is R2-D2. He's a model in-game (the Pillio mission), I'd love for Artoo to make it in. Ideally, he's the replacement for the Shield and offers healing Bacta mist for friendlies and a deadly oil slick he can set ablaze for enemies. Of course, the two could go hand-in hand, a protective bubble keeping the droid safe. It’d be amazing if someone could take control of R2, but that could lead to trolls… nevermind, it was in the last game, and Leia could always “deactivate” him if she wants. R2-D2 would have his Stun Baton as his main weapon, but this wouldn’t immobilize enemies, only damage them slightly. His abilities would be a Bacta Spray to heal his allies, this grants Battlepoints to the player. Next he’d have a shock attack that could destroy turrets and/or slow enemy movement speed. His last ability is an oil slick that makes it difficult for enemies to move, and he can then set it alight, basically a reskin of the Flametrooper’s Incendiary Grenade. Heck, it’d almost want him to get a thruster jump/hop that has a single dodge charge, and that’s how he’d set it alight.
    Another suggestion is Leia gets a firing toggle on her blaster. The two ideas for this are A) as a toggle for aiming normally, since the Secondary Fire isn't as useful up close or at mid-ranges where the auto-lock is ineffective, or B), it fires a short range "Stun" blast that disorients and slows enemy's movements, like when you were a hero Flash-Banged by the Officer before that was fixed. It would be cool to get revenge on Stormies after getting stunned in A New Hope... plus it could act as a stun against the Saber-lords.
    Skins: Leia’s Bespin attire would be lovely, both the dress and the Hoth-like outfit with the hair. A variant of the ANH dress with the hood up would be cool too. Oh, and the Boushh disguise without a Helmet is something to consider as well. She’s also got her outfits in the ST(D), one on them is even in a cinematic for the Resurrection. JOKE: Slave Leia, Frozen & Floating in Space Leia, Leia with long coke nail, etc.
    "I felt there was a large amount of human chauvinism... also I felt very bad that at the end the Wookie didn't get a medal also... oh, all the people got medals but the Wookie who had been in there fighting all the time, didn't get any medal, and I thought that was an example of Anti-Wookie discrimination." - Carl Sagan on the subject of Star Wars
    He knew.
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