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co op is busted

currently if you stun / freeze bots in co op they're weapons aren't frozen and still possess ridiculous aim bot which means trying to kill an enemy who can't move is impossible they will just shoot you anyway. it's broken and glitchy as all hell... how did this make it past play testing?


  • Also there's a matchmaking bug that can place 3 players on one team and 1 player on the enemy team.
    The side with the 1 human player almost always wins because they have the numbers to keep throwing at the 3-player team.

    Kinda feel like Kylo and Rey aren't well suited for this mode. Kylo fares slightly better but every time I use Rey I always get shredded by the AI swarms. Finn & Phasma however feel made for this mode, they're great.

    Both Rey's and Obi-Wan's mind trick abilities have little effect on AI enemies.

    Enemy heroes in Co-Op feel like they have increased health, blocking stamina & damage output compared to when I use a hero. I feel like if I hit an enemy hero with a lightsaber it takes like 6-7 swings but if they can take me down in 4-5.

    This mode should have some challenge but I think it's a bit unbalanced at the moment.
  • yes completely agree this is something i want to get fixed it's a problem
  • Otum
    15 posts Member
    edited January 16
    The glitch were troopers still fire their weapons when freezed will be patched in the Jenuary update (Dev said on twitter a while ago).
  • Snake56
    60 posts Member
    edited January 17
    They really need to fix that 3v1 bugged lobby. Also I don't know if it's possible but the other day I thought I was in a 3v2 co-op game.
  • I wouldn't doubt it @Snake56 , why not? No such thing as "one bug too many" here!
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