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Heroes lock by trilogies


What about locking heroes by trilogies?
It’s weird to see Count Dooku in the First Order lol.


  • Cyro
    408 posts Member
    forget it... i keep begging for it since the dawn of time, made countless posts about it, willing to sacrafice everything i own for this to be done.... nothing. DICE just wont listen. they dont care. and i dont get the reason why. i havent played galactic assault for such a long time, only because of this problem! i dont want an immersive, scenario-based match to be interrupted by characters like Rey if they dont belong there!

    just play capital supremacy instead...or coop. :( its the only thing left to be immersive in this game.... but i grow tired of playing it. i want tanks, aircraft, progression, like in GA! but just minus the 8 (!!!) heroes from every era!!!
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