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New Star Wars game idea

I was thinking about a new Star Wars game idea where you can play the characters from the movies from birth to death and you can choose any character from the movies and play them from birth to death or if they survive and there is no new movie with them then that’s where the story ends for them.but if another movie comes out with them it will update the story and it continues a little bit. Or another idea is where you play it episode by episode and you play all the story’s of the first movie then you would be able to play the second episode and so on kinda like the fallen order that recently came out but the story of how the movies went and the main characters. Or just play the first episode with who you want to play as and you unlock another part of their story like Anakin Skywalker and you play him and you do stuff around the town and wait for Obi wan Kenobi and you do the race and once that episode ends episode two kinda unlocks and you can play more of the story of Anakin from the second episode and you can switch your character to another person like Obi wan and do the same thing with his story and so on. And if you wanted to play someone like boba Fett then you have to complete all the other main characters to fully unlock episode two or something like that. I think the last one is my favorite idea but tell me what y’all think about this idea.

Thank you


  • Feelee16
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  • Bounty hunter. Roam the galaxy , taking bounties of imperial, rebel, neutral or other player. Open universe. Can upgrade armor, ship or weapons. Online community can fight in sectors that will turn a sector imp or reb, depending on weekly volume of wins. Possible to visit all famous sw planets. If you upset imps for instance, disguise needed to enter system . Other players can hunt and collect or help protect your mark. Ship stealing, equipment lootig possible. Hutts as own faction. Join at your own risk. Loadout and look is completely custom as is abilities. All alien races available. Can join universal guild or create your own. Fuel and food required. Safe bases with custom defences. Limited force sensitive abilities for flying, espionage or hunting. I think something like that could be cool.
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