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[pc] asia community 2020

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Hello there,
If you prefer to play in Japan server PC, congratulations that you’ve made your way to this thread!
As we know it is really hard to find a lobby of GA and other modes in Japan server during non-peak hours, most of us will resort to German / US server which will put us at disadvantage; of high ping.
Now rejoice! We have the Asia PC community now. It’s not a clan, it’s just a group of people that prefer to play in Japan server, so after you join, you’ll say goodbye to empty lobbies!
However, several requirements to join such as:
1. Prefer to play in Japan server.
2. Willingly to tell their in-game name :D
Simple as that!
We are using Discord as our medium to connect and play with others!
Here’s the link:
If the link is unavailable, you can DM me!
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