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Shadowforge Battalion - looking for talent!

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edited January 18
What we do?
- Events which grant you rewards for server
- match team ups all modes
- have fun in game and/or server

- We are looking for people who just want to be a part of a server to team up and have fun or can have special talents to help with the server if so wished.

we have rules in place on the server to make it a more positive environment. Rules are on the server as its to big to be placed on here.

There are multiple events that happen every so often and will be announced for Battlefront 2. The events are for multiple different objectives and can have rewards which can be various.

some rewards could be:
# leader of a squad
# commando rank
# Arc rank
# server rank for example - Captain
# possible custom profile picture for a clone helmet
# special forces

In certain cases Battalion leader if enough server people are on.

Server link is :
alternatively please add and contact me : Bayek#0117

See you guys soon.



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