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Heyo, looking for some people for hvv, sd and other modes to less extent

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How we doing? Buff here, and i find i just cant rock the pugs anymore, i mentally dont have it in me to handle the frustration. From the super try hard enemy team, to my " aww look, let little jimmy play, he can just hit buttons, its cute" team mates....ok so sometimes i get a good rando group, usually there at least 1 good guy, but the grrr is strong in this game.

so im just lookin for a few people, that are competent...idc if youre the best at the game or not, just understand the core concepts...stay together, support your support, sabers guard your range, range guard your sabers...thats about it. i play regurally, too much actually, so im usually available to play

i play xbox1
gt is bigg daddy buff

Im not really a main guy, but here is who i liketo use in order

Light- ( i hate the light)
yoda,han, (either ani luke or obi, bout the same anyhow), chewy, rey, fin

but i can play any of them well, with grievous, vader palps and yoda, im pretty decent...can carry with grievous or dooku if the enemy team isnt a premade of good players
i regularly adjust mid match, switch heroes, as situation calls for it, if it does, like hopping on Finn to swat an annoying boba, or lock down the emperor.

im not against playing i got called trash and get good today in a match my team won cause i was last on our team....i just laughed , knowing i have 13 elim 2 assist- 0 deaths, and i had to of healed thousands of hp, saved their lives with well placed dashes and lightning blocks ( i harassed palps that game for the first half the match, till he changed villains)
so i understand, scoreboard doesnt always tell an accurate picture
Another game i came in dead last8/8 first time i did that, but i was han , and they hated me...the villains literally yolod at me soon as i fired, the entire right, well yes..however...they hated me so much...they didnt pay anakin luke or rey much attention and id die, then 2 to 4 of them died...was a good trade off, we won big

so, shoot me a message on live, unfortunately, my headset was affected by that weird computer virus going around, its rare, but unfortunately it fries the headsets pretty good, the uhm " i threw that **** at the wall cause luke has 20 ft long lightsabers ...itus" but itll be a few days before i can grab a spare. that said, not even needed to be micd up, as long as we all know the game, we will do fine, ..gel as it were.

have a good one, see you on the side or the

Cant spell Windu, without win....
Windu for BF2 2020


  • Hey pal, if you like to play with someone, here is a Discord Link to my Community, we got over 100+ Member's on 3 Platform's (No age Restricted,Any Platform and any type of player is Welcomed) :smile: Here is the Discord Link:
    Marshall Commander Cody Out.
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