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Take out guns vs. Hero vs. Villans

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I am uninstalling this game I use be addictive to this game I only played hero Vs. Villans but this **** has me irritated no gun should be stronger then a lightsaber nor should people be allowed to use them in hero vs. Villan how about a light saber vs. Lightsaber battle I am tired of being in a middle of a fight and be getting sniped so far away. I play as Darth maul have a an equipped card where he receives less damage dont see no difference use luke Skywalker where he can block blasters shots but dont see no difference this needs attention..
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  • You have blast, Strike extraction, Captial supremacy to use Guns why not a light saber vs. Lightsaber hero vs. Villans match.
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    Can I have all of your stuff?

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