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Can someone please help me with setting up a static IP address?

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My annoying modem always cuts the connection to my Xbox every few weeks and my IP address changes to a 169 number. I run the internet through the power outlets, so not sure if that causes it. I'm guessing it's a factor because if those are turned on and off it usually fixes it. Yet every second or third time it happens I have to restart the network and sometimes that doesn't even work for a quite a few tries.

So yeah, if anyone knows about port forwarding, can you please help me out.

Firstly, my connection currently is 169 IP. Can I just manually input an IP of 192 into the Xbox and then put that number into the router settings somewhere? I think it's called a static IP maybe?

Secondly, I know the Xbox port numbers are 3074 and I assume I use those in "external". But what are the "internal" numbers to use? Probably somewhere on my device I guess, but I don't know where.

Basically all I want is to manually change the IP setup on the Xbox and the router so that it stays the same and never has a chance of reverting back to a 169 number.
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