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'Frustrating Server Lag!' (Dev response required!)

Hi there,

I've noticed over the past few days that the servers seem to be somewhat laggy for me, feels around 50 - 100 PING sometimes, (despite being labelled as 24) nonetheless definitely higher than normal. I've never had any issues with server lag in Battlefront 2 before now, and I know a number of other people have been having similar issues. I play on PC on EU servers. This may stop me and many others from enjoying the next update if this isn't resolved soon, and it's incredibly frustrating as I want to play the game but am being put off by the server lag as of recently. My internet is good and this definitely seems to be an issue with the servers, not my connection. Please can we get an update of some sort on this, as it's very frustrating when I want to be enjoying the game as normal? Please let me know if you are having similar issues.

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