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Heroes unleashed and new heroes

As someone who plays the game to play with heroes and hates to lose, it can be pretty frustrating when someone uses up a hero slot with a blaster hero then doesn’t help your team win. Even with anakin I can’t take the throne room on Naboo against the emperor, Vader, maul, grevious with a lando leia and chewie backing me up. They might be good against regular troopers but they don’t win you games. Let’s be real, the coolest part of Star Wars and the best part of this game is hacking people up with lightsabers and going head to head with another lightsaber hero in GA. The only blaster hero that can hold their own against a lightsaber is han, and even then, that han has to really know what they’re doing. When I get a hero I’m not going after troopers I’m going straight for the other heroes, that’s how the matches are won. And when I see a blaster hero I’m hunting them down. I wouldn’t even call any of them heroes I’d say reinforcements. with a little bit of a nerf, that’s really what they should be in the game. Myself and many others would so much rather see more heroes like Ashoka, ventress, windu, savage, jengo, cad bane. Forget about chewie Finn lando etc. The first time I played heroes unleashed I had the most fun I ever had playing this game. HvV is fun but there’s no objectives or strategy to it. The 10v10 gameplay of HU combined with objectives is best mode in the game. I don’t see why we can’t have a permanent HU server not as a replacement for what we have now but as an addition. Also, what’s with GA not getting any more maps or attention, CS can be fun but not when the games last for two hours and your playing against bots. Like really nobody’s getting better at the game playing against bots, it’s just unfulfilling. If we make enough noise I’m sure we could get these heroes into the game and get a permanent HU server
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