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What happened to speeders

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While playing the game for many months, and having the change of lots of bluffs and nerfs to characters. But I'm here to talk about a feature in the game that I rarely see, the class Speeders. Speeders are 200 points in supremacy. So new players pick it. But as soon at the spawn they are met with many problems.

* the camera is always jerking back and forth by bumping into ever tree, Rock, and plant

* the aiming is horrible you cant really look up or down, and when you do you will have to fight with it, as it tries to reset back in place.

*the combat; damage was reduced by a long shot as you have to hit directly at the target to do only 10 or less damage to opponents with 200 health or more. So when I use barrage using more then fifty lasers near an opponent it may do 25 damage, why?

*why should I pick this class type, I've had other default class kill me with in seconds of encountering then I only get sacrifices points for it. I lost points from using this class more then anything and this thing is only 200 points. Not only that but the default assault's blast does more damage then the LIUV. This massive vehicle will blow up after a few shots.

In conclusion I think out of all buffs that the community is thinking of, speeders need a change. It is a lost feature that people dont care about because of how bad it is. For the sake of saving content, please fix this one.

Thank you for reading this comment. I hope you all had similar experiences if not be my guest and try it out.


  • Yeah ever since speeders got hit with the damage nerf, they have been trash, i agree they need a buff
  • I feel like, due to the difficulty to control the speeder, it needs to be buffed in terms of how much damage it can deal per shot landed. The controls were improved a few patches ago and it's better enough to be playable, but when it takes so much effort to just land a single shot, I would expect it to deal much, much more damage when I do.
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    EA/DICE give solutions for Vader's choke and other OP units. But they don't want fix a weak unit like the speeders. Now these still are useless.
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  • Speeders are hilariously bad (on PS4, at least). I'm a Christmas 2019 noob, and as soon as I got my cards levelled up in co-op I quit playing them. I can't even imagine how terrible they are in PvP...
  • The speeders really like to bump into invisible objects that aren't even there, then it screws with the steering and directs them off course and into a rock or bushes, in which they take damage just by running into a little bush. The STAP and BARK speeders are the worst in the game, they're so glitchy and bump and bump into invisible things some more, and they're so rugged to ride on.
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  • I hope they at least buff their damage output. It seriously needs to be doubled, at least. There's so much potential for a fun, yet balanced time as the speeder. Again, the challenge is controlling it, but if you master the controls you should be able to wreak havoc with the thing. Literally all the speeder class needs is a 2x damage boost and then adjust (up or down) from there, as necessary. If they need to offset the buff to the damage output by increasing the unit cost of battle points, so be it.
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    BlueSpy3DO wrote: »
    The speeders were hit hard not too long ago with a massive nerf because hero mains were upset like they get whenever anything ruins their steamrolling. Instead of just increasing their cost they’ve nerfed them to the point where troopers will fearlessly sit still and shoot at you until you die with little to no fear of getting killed because the aiming is awful along with the damage

    Well said dude. Well said
  • speeders? more like SLOWERS!

    but really, they are a huge step backwards from the last battlefront (2015). Slow, cant aim properly and not so fun anymore.
  • Also, with the fact that SWBF 2015 speeders were actually more useful than the ones in BF 2017, shows that there should be no excuse for why these things are so weak.
  • The only good thing about speeders is that they can be used to attack other vehicles.
  • We need a solution but @F8RGE don't listen us.

  • The running people over balanced the always hanging up on objects, but that's gone now. Speeders definitely need a buff, if only to remove them running into and hanging up on small objects. The game is great, but the speeders definitely need some help.
  • Save the speeders. Save the dream DICE
  • moistboii
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    To be clear the Endor speeders are still ridiculously strong.
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