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AT-RT buff, Obi-Wan buff

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For one the AT-RTs are the weakest and most vulnerable armor classes in the game, they are so very easy to kill and so difficult to kill with. I've been playing this game since launch and every now and then i give the AT-RT a shot but it is just so unbearably weak compared to other armor classes. I don't understand why it was even nerfed a while back, the majority of this community has no problem destroying an At-rt and i rarely see them on the battlefront, likely because of how useless they are. I say to give them an explosive shot like ALL THE OTHER ARMOR CLASSES, give them more health. And more damage. Maybe the AT-RT already has an explosive shot, idk, but if they do they make the splash damage BIGGER. This would help the people using them do a bit better and may even see a rise in their pick rate.

Also why was Obi-Wan's mind trick nerfed 2 patches ago I believe it was? Its ability to cancel dodges was taken away why? If a trooper encounters a force user at close range, they're likely to die, even if when they do dodge so the nerf doesn't solve that problem since you guys apparently thought it was too powerful. The mind trick ability is more so for use against enemy heroes and the fact that it was able to cancel dodges was what I'd say was its strongest use as it enables more ways to break a force user's defenses while still not being all that powerful as an enemy can still attempt to jump or block. But also it enables more strategic play (which might i say Battlefront 2 Saber V Saber combat lacks alot of). Since dodging is a primary component of saber combat, having just one hero that disables it for some time is not such a bad idea. Just disabling abilities is useless because enemy abilities could be on cool down and only Maul and Greivous really have getaway abilities. Vader only really has 1 game-changing ability; his choke, and that itself tends to be on cool down long and often. And he'll just choke after the mind trick is up as he can block so long. Same thing with Kylo's freeze. If the nerf is because of how powerful it is comboed with Rey's mind trick, make it so that it either; can only be used on non mind tricked opponents, doesn't work on mind tricked opponents or takes effect AFTER rey's mind trick is over. Because you'll kill at close range most of the time with Obi-Wan, the only time i really see his mind trick to be useful on troopers is for aerials, so they don't jetpack away, BUT their dodge is still very useful against sabers. Also the mind trick I can say is useful against but by the time a Saber user is very close , if they try to roll away they'll be dead. But generally it's more of a hero ability and it needs its dodge again. Also why does it not stop Boba's jetpack again? His jetpack is classified as an ability and since Boba should be in the air, or at least high up and away from sabers most of the time, it's his poor positioning if he gets hit by that and an Obi-Wan managing to hit him with that should be rewarded; by his jetpack being disabled.
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