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[CG] Coruscant Guard Needed! PS4

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We are the shields of the Republic and the peacekeepers of Coruscant!

Coruscant a'den mhi, Vode an!


Join us to get the best Coruscant Guard experience.

- We're a light Mil-Sim unit, for ages 16 and above (some exceptions can be made).

- We organize weekly operations where we party up and work together to achieve victory.

- We are in close contact with other promenant clans like "ArmyofClones Gaming Group"c which means we usually team up with or against them.

- We have active players who are friendly and supportive to both old and new members, so you will always feel comfortable both in-game and in our discord chat.

If you're a Republic Commando player, ARC player or a Vehicle/Flyer player, you are all welcome to join. We have separate Roles for you guys.

You're welcome to join the discord and check us out.

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