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Sequel trilogy CS Mode is unplayeble

This era mode is broken as hell u cant win with rebels at all.Dark side has better ship its very hard to destroy it .They have better units this stupid jet troopers flame troopers are very good in open maps others good on the ship.This era is the worst mode to play right now. All this mode in favor of the dark side.I am afraid about Original era because there light side will die like rats because of Boba Fett Vader+Emperor.


  • The first order are so OP. Jet trooper is basically boba flying around. The flame trooper just shoots fire down the hall way of final phase. Destroying the first order ship is 100x harder than the resistance. Why can’t ea just make balanced teams. We had the same problem with the clone wars, with the separatists ship final phase. Finn is trash. The spy on the ship is trash by the time you load up the gunner, Your dead
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