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[Xbox] The Galactic Republic MILSIM | 91st 41st 501st 212th 104th 327th | Professional MILSIM

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Galactic Republic MILSIM Trailer:

Hello There! I am Senior Clone Marshal Commander SMC - 6672 Shadow of the Galactic Republic MILSIM.
The Galactic Republic MILSIM is a professional Star Wars Battlefront 2 Military Simulator that strategize together to win the match. We would love to have you join us!
We are focused on the Clone Wars Era of Star Wars, centered around the Grand Army of the Republic.

We have 6 legions to choose from, as well as a Republic Navy to join if you are interested!
You have the chance to be apart of the 91st Recon Corps, 41st Elite Corps, 501st Legion, 212th Battalion, 104th Battalion, or 327th Star Corps during Galactic Assault/Strike/Capital Supremacy matches. We like to have fun and make a lot of great memories, we hope you join us!

My discord username: RyanxyzMc#1281
The Galactic Republic MILSIM Discord:
Disclaimer: Xbox One only!
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