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Buff Phasma

IMHO she's worse than Leia. She can't even kill with her rifle because to does so little damage. I shoot like 20 shots into somebody and they won't die. Make her blaster like the Death Trooper.


  • What she needs is for her blaster to stop doing those sloppy shots at the beginning. She loses precious time, bullets, and overheat by doing this every time she pulls the trigger. I never understood why she has this mechanic in the first place. Her gun is not powerful enough to have such a handicap. They treated her gun as if it was as powerful as Solo's rapid fire.
  • Quit those body shots and hit heads. Problem solved.
  • "Worse than Leia" in which way? Phasma can survive against lightsaber and blaster heroes for a good time, and her own blaster is not as weak as you make it sound like. Shoot the head, you can defeat a hero pretty quickly if you do so actually. And her gun's recoil easily enables her to make consecutive headshots after another. Perfect for her. I barely ever lose to other hero gunners. And don't forget her droid also shoots.

    Just stay around your droid, enable Survive when you are in battle and she is one of the deadliest villains in the game actually. Her droid enables a whole new world of defensive playing, which - if used wisely - makes her ultimately superior to all heroes in terms of usefulness. If you ask to buff her, even just a little, you do not play her correctly.
  • vonVile
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    Nugmragn wrote: »
    Quit those body shots and hit heads. Problem solved.

    It still takes 4 head shot to kill a regular troop. Her rifle is crap and can't even be used for sniper purposes. She's basically an assist Hero, because all she's good for is dropping her droid.

    What DICE needs to do in general is not make the damage reduction curve so steep. Players should be getting 75% damage for chest shots instead of below 50%.

    Another problem is how unbalanced LS and DS blaster Heroes are. LS are designed to get kills way easier with characters like; Han, Lando, and Finn, with their high power and OHK blaster gimmick abilities while Iden and Phasma have to actually work to get kills. Iden can't even get OHKs with her secondary fire anymore because of that jank random armor mechanic DICE introduced after the introduction the Clone Commando update. Yet Lando and Finn's aren't affected.
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  • More proof Phasma is trash is that Commando Droid and Sith Trooper have better weapons than her. I can kill with ease with either reinforcement and even snipe for a mile away with the Commando Droid on Genonsis, but Phasma's weapon is weak doing half the damage. It might shoot faster, but there's no punch to the hits with it doing half the damage per hit of Commando Droid and Sith Trooper.
    In fact the Sith Trooper is what Phasma should be. DICE dump her slower than slow pole swing and give her Sith Trooper's secondary fire. All you need to do is nerf the Sith Trooper version. They shouldn't be OHK'ing sniping with it anyways as much as I enjoy doing it.
  • ZephanUnbound
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    You have to aim for the head with her. She is accurate enough after the first few shots to pour shot after shot into a head, which considerably increases her DPS. I do hate her sentry droid though, I wish they would replace it with something else.
  • Phasma only being able to kill by only doing head shots proves why she needs a buff. You basically need aim-bots to make Phasma good.
  • Or you learn to aim. Phasma is a pain in HvV, thanks to her high fire rate. She is different from the LS heroes, stronger than them in HvV but weaker in GC/CS. I wouldn't touch this honestly.
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