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BB-9E’s stun

Okay, first I think the two droids need to be removed from hero’s vs villains, theyre so unbelievably annoying. But, BB-9Es stun is so constant and annoying and hits through a lightsaber, if you get hit by this thing /one/ time, you will lose, he spams smoke and you can’t find him and he moves faster than most lightsaber swings so chasing him down is just stupid. You legit look like an **** running after this stupid droid that just stuns you and spins around you. But if you’re trying to fight this thing, the odds of another lightsaber hero coming and stabbing you in the back is a 9/10 probability. The amount of times you can stun the same person needs to drastically go down and should not go through lightsabers. You can’t hit the guy but he can hit you all day before you land a single blow on him. Bb-8 has a immensely bigger hit box and is so much easier to kill. Tbh, probably nobody even asked for Bb-9e. He’s legit a made up character, could’ve given us /anyone/ in the entire star wars verse and they gave us this droid from one of the employees fan fic. Bosk should also not have been fixed. Everyone loved him not pestering everyone with his stupid gas and explosives, I like being able to see what game I’m playing. Until something is done me, and 5 other people I know of are uninstalling this game. It was in the funnest it’s been in years, hero’s verse villains is our main mode obviously. But this state of it, is the worst I’ve seen it in. The dark side, more times than not, stomps the light side.
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