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Chewie's bowcaster is getting a rework, all Wookies need a bow rework.

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edited February 9
There's been news from the lead hero designer that Chewie's crosbow is getting a rework. What this will be like is anyone's guess but I'm hoping more powerful, single bolt shots will be possible with this rework.
If this is the case I think the Wookie Warrior Enforcer class should also get more accurate bowcasters. The 3 shot horizontal spread that transfers into a vertical spread is a very awkward firing configuration that wastes most of the bowcaster's damage. This is worsened when the bolt spread becomes 5 during Overload. Overload is almost always only useful for the Wookie when aiming down sit, this hampers the Wookie's versatility in comaprison to the Death Trooper, which wields a primary weapon that is far better in almost all situations.


  • I like how Chewie Bowcaster works, is very different from other blaster weapons but i think he should be able to run without leaving aim down fire mode since is way more effective against single opponents or various opponents that are dispersed, so is a bit underpowered in that aspect but in short range is very powerful it can melt saber heroes although they are blocking. The wookies bowcaster i don't know how is since i don't use the wookie enforcer.
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