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Entire team of Iden Versios in HvV

An entire team cheated when every villain was Iden Versio at the exact same time.


  • Its a bug...saw it with 4 Anakins on the other team on Naboo a couole weeks ago.

    If you think Iden is bad...yikes. That was traumatic.
  • jonci
    1361 posts Member
    yes its a bug (though players have to do it together so premeditated) i posted a picture a while ago 4 mauls in HVV on other team we still whooped em though.
    Here is a link , also in it a message from F8RGE saying it had been fixed but still appears n they supposedly working on it still ???????
  • This is a bug that’s been around since launch. Personally I’ve never tried it myself and as far as I can tell it doesn’t help the team doing it. Although I may just have not run into any good players doing it. My theory is that good players don’t do it and see it as a disadvantage as I do. Maybe these cheaters should spend time trying to get better at the game rather than trying to exploit it

    Diversity is better than your entire team having the same weaknesses. A team that knows how to counter 4 Idens, or whoever, becomes 4x stronger
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