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Inferno Squad Operatives as Infiltrators

Since in the novel, they did tons of under-cover work, lots of "behind enemy lines" stuff and operated in secrecy, an Inferno Squad operative would be cool, and would add some cool team chemistry options with them as Infiltrators, and Iden as their squad leader(like getting a special buff when working directly with Iden).
A feature that I would think would be pretty cool is carrying over the two-weapon loadout from the campaign, where they have a total pool of 4 weapons in two preset configurations to choose from(Swap between an E11, DLT19, DLT19-X, or T21B for ability 1. You could carry two into a single life). Leveling up the star card increases cooling states, reduces heat buildup and reduces weapon draw/swap speed.
Ability 1 Example:
Standard Issue: would be an E11 and a DLT19-x.
Heavy Ordinance: DLT19 and the T21B.
Ability 2 would be a scanning utility similar to Arcs or Commandos.
Ability 3 could be some sort of radar scrambling/radio jamming within a certain proximity so friendly callouts would be garbled for the opposing soldiers.
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