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Lower the Spawn Timer and improve Squad Spawning in Galactic Assault.

The spawn timer in Galactic Assault should be reduced to 3 seconds like Supremacy. Also, the squad spawning is terrible! There are many times when I’m about to spawn on a teammate and no enemies are around and it says it’s unavailable. It’s frustrating. I know in a lot of games I play in, once the first wave of heroes are taken, many people drop out of the game. I don’t blame them.


  • Allow us to frickin' spawn on Aerials and Vehicles dammit!!!!!!
  • This is some good feedback and DICE and EA should REALLY consider doing this. There's so much awesome improvements added to this forum that seem to get ignored. The game right now is a 7/10, if they followed people's feedbacks, it could be a 9.5/10. And most of the fixes are NOT too difficult. Things to code in, port some maps from Battlefront 1, etc etc etc.
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