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Server lag

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edited February 12
Did you guys notice increased lag and delays after the update like me?
This problem already occured for me after the last update but now it's worse.

I get delays up to almost 2 seconds sometimes (more commonly like 1 second) on greater modes like CS which is very infuriating especially when you play as hero. I die so often when some soldier or reinorcement that shoots from somewhere from in front of me just melts over 200 HP away in a glimpse of a second without the game telling me so in time. Like if I just stood there doing nothing on the other player's end so he could easily shoot me.
Or when you quickly kill that Caphex spy with lightsaber (Kylo Rens frenzy) out of cover and one second after the guy drops dead the game finally tells you that from your ~ 300 HP are only 14 HP left now.
Or when you pull/push people and they keep shooting at you for a brief moment like the AI from Co-op or start using abilities again before they even hit the ground again.

On the other hand, especially as sequel reinforcement you're significantly stronger than the soldier classes, it costs less, you're not always focused by everyone surrounding you and you can stay at distance which makes lags less of a big deal. Why should I play as (lightsaber) hero then?

Is it only me or do you guys have experienced increased server issues as well?

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