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New Extraction map and new units exclusive to this map, like the Ewoks exclusive to Endor.

Well i got to thinking..... and for 1 Extraction needs more maps... and for 2 i would like them to add Jedi Temple Guards with those sweet rare yellow plasma blades of theirs, but sadly the Devs have said there won't be a fourth reinforcement class, so that means no melee attack reinforcement such as Royal Guards or Magna Guards. So! i think this is how it could be done.......

New Old Republic Era Extraction Map:

This map would be pretty awesome to play on... and these are the new unique units.....

Jedi Temple Guards.
The Temple Guards were in the battle of Malachor, so it would work out lore wise. When Kanan was blinded by Maul he used a Temple Guard mask to cover his face and eyes.

Sith Warriors. They assisted Darth Malgus at the sacking of Coruscant.

How this map and these units would play out is that they Jedi Temple Guards arrive at Malachor to storm the Sith Temple... and the Sith Warriors are deployed to protect the Sith Temple. So how the Extraction part comes into play is that the Jedi Temple Guards have to fight their way to the Temple and stop the Sith from using a Sith Holocron to power the Sith Temple and destroy the attacking Temple Guards.... and if the Jedi Temple Guards fail to possess the Sith Holocron, then.......

Then this is the end result if the Temple Guards fail to possess the Sith Holocron by the end.

What do you think?
Ahsoka for Battlefront 2. Kanan Jarrus for Battlefront 2.
Kanan is more of your cool kinda Jedi... not so weird/wise as most of the Jedi were like on the council. Kanan also owned a cantina at some point before he met Hera.


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