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Ability-disruption by stagger

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So our CC immunity abilities, like Grievous Advance or Obi-Wan's Push can all be interrupted and thrown into recharge, when the user is hit by a lightsaber in the right moment. Is this supposed to be like that or a bug? I've been wondering for a while now. Because for example for Grievous all of his abilities can be disrupted by that, which is pretty bad for him.
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  • I’ve noticed this too. I hope it’s a bug cause I really don’t like it. It’ll probably get fixed soon, DICE has been pretty good about fixing large bugs like this recently.
  • I'm with you there, I don't like it either. I'm Grievous main, he needs his abilities for crowd control, so if the crowd can prevent him from using them, he will not have much fun in open combat.
  • I just posted about this as well. Really hope there's a fix for it soon some characters are unplayable.
  • I wouldn't say unplayable, but it surely disturbs the gameplay alot when your abilities don't work because some ADHD kid spams the attack button and that disables them.
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