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Ion turrets....

I think that pretty much says it all.
There I am, minding my own business while going for a leisurely fly through space when all of a sudden I feel a slight bump. My engines shut off, I can't seem to boost away or even fire any missiles at the mystery demon that's plaguing my ship. The slight bump quickly turns into a never ending barrage of lasers as I feel like I've fallen into the web of some sadistic space spider. Looking around I see the outline of my attacker moving slowly closer, a dark figure in the shape of a Y. It's too late to do anything now though, my fate is all but sealed; Life never did seem very fair, but this seemed like an especially cruel way to go...


  • people scoff at me but i stand by that the ion turret for the y-wings is the single most over powered ability in game.

    darth maul flyin round in his scimitar? no sorry buh bye
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