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Dice, you need to fix your game in secuels maps. Please, read this.

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The first order is superior to the resistance in terms of units. 80% of the time they will win the ground phase, and they also have a better distribution of the mapping in their capital ship, making the defense more fair.
On the other hand, the resistance is inferior in ALL the senses, the caphex spy is completely useless most of the times (For example in Jakku and inside the ships), the aereal troop of the resistance cannot be compared with the aereal troop of the first order, which is superior in everything (Skills, mobility, etc.) The sentinel Ovissian cannot be compared to the sith trooper of the first order, which is practically almost a hero with a good set of abilities, he is too powerful. The flamethrower is too strong inside the ships too.

As for the phase inside the resistance ship. Who the hell designed the map? A little boy? The distribution of the objectives is garbage, the first order will ALWAYS be due, due to its troops completely superior to those of the resistance.

Guys, you have to fix your damn game, fix supremacy in the era of resistance, and balance the special units of both sides. This is unplayable right now, and its unfair.
Every time you launch something new, you get it broken, and more bugs appear (Yes, More), like a damn Hydra.

I have talked a lot with the players inside the matchs i play, and both teams agree with me.

Do something. Not in one month, fixing little things, and then repeating again. It needs to be completly fixed this month.

Thanks for your attention. And forgive my english, im not native.

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