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So who only plays Ewok Hunt to throw 15 wistie pouches for the daily?

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edited February 14
It's such a boring mode with no daytime changes and only 2 maps. I just join it and die as fast as possible as a stormtrooper so I can become an Ewok. Then I throw a wistie pouch asap then respawn or run into gunfire so I can die quickly and respawn with a fresh wistie pouch. Don't want to spend more than 2 rounds in it. Who else does this? The mode was fun at first, but it's is very stale now. I just don't have motivation to play it seriously with nothing to upgrade or level up and the limited content just kills it. Give this more some more purpose to play seriously. How about letting us play the Ewoks in GA? It's been requested by the community many times. The more I think about this, I don't think I'm going to even play it for the 500 credit daily anymore. There are better, faster, and more fun ways to make 500 credits. Put the Ewok content to good use Dice so it can be fun after 1 or 2 rounds.


  • I used to but now i quit everything Ewok, Blast, Extraction and mostly SA too. I can get 500 credits faster in other modes and more.
  • I play it only to scare the **** out of other players by blowing the horn or to continually do the cry emote
  • I use to do that too. I quit after a year ago when you couldn't find a game anymore. For me it took two games to finish. If you're in game struggling to kill the enemy than one game.
    "This is a mission of peace. I put my faith in diplomacy. We can't solve all of our problems by throwing troops at them."
    -Padmé Amidala
  • I avoid any EH times challenges as well as any hero ones.
  • Not even. You can keep your 500 credits, F Ewok Hunt.
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