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Online Arcade

Hello There;

I'm here to discuss the possibility of the offline Split Screen Arcade mode to have an online feature for friend's to battle each other in

Like The arcade Duel is the only place where me and my friends can have 1 on 1 battles on ground or space or 2 player style co op where we can use Any hero or villian on a map like Anakin Skywaker or Coubt Dooku on Star Killer or Ray and Kylo in Theed

All I ask is for the devs to consider this thread for us console folk since I believe that arcade is a console only feature

If not then I ask that you in good nature consider and possible do make it where in co op Kylo Ren can be use on Theed or Yoda in Ajan Kloss.

I thank you for your time and effort and I didn't write in all caps this time Preston so please don't remove the thread or close it?
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