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Anakin bugged since update?

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edited February 14

i've been trying to level Anakin in Co-Op the past few days. Is it just me or are his abilities a tad bugged? His "pull" and "heroic might" do not work half the time, if not even more.
When i watch videos of people playing him, they pull enemies over tables, rubble etc. The also push them back with heroic might while they (the enemy) are in half cover behind tables, rubble etc.
When i try to do that, it does not work. I may be doing it wrong, i don't know.
Could someone who is a bit more experienced with Anakin comment on this please? Not trying to make him my main, just want to level him up to 37 for now.

Thanks in advance


  • Same here, half of the time it gets glitched when there is something between Anakin and your ennemy, like even a small rock...
  • Aye, i stopped using him for now. Too buggy / glitchy. On the other hand, it limits my playstyle with him by quite a lot, which isn't so bad. It makes for easy cards selection since i can only run up to them and strike them (Tenacious, Massive Strikes and Steamroll). Yeah, it's dumb, i know. His abilities should be more reliable, or heck .. just work as intended. =)
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