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Okay, what the hell is wrong with Takodana in Instant Action?

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edited February 14
I'm hating every second of my experience with that map.

It seems that no matter what I do - no matter which team I play on, no matter what class I play as, no matter what difficulty I set the AI to - my team always loses from the get-go. The enemy will almost always establish near-complete map control from the very first second, maintaining the initiative and pushing us back at every front, keeping us constantly on the back-foot through the entire game until we inevitably lose. It's a **** horrible experience, and not one normal people are happy to have spent money to be having.

I don't know if it's some bizarre choice on part of the AI-coders which makes the friendly team always play less aggressively than the enemy, or if there is some subtlety here that I'm completely missing. I doubt it has much to do with my individual skill, as the individual skill of ONE SINGLE PLAYER should surely not be so overwhelmingly important so as to potentially lose you the entire match from the get-go. (Also; I tend to kill more than I die, regardless of difficulty.)

Am I doing something spectacularly, amazingly wrong, here? Is there any reason you can think of as to why this happens? All I know is that whether I play as the First Order or Resistance, regardless of class and difficulty, my team will always be completely **** over from the very beginning, seemingly no matter what I do. I don't seem to have this problem to that extent in most other maps.


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