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Please improve the HUD and the the both view perspective, also ADS

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edited February 14
im really annoyed with the new HUD that is too arcady (basiclly it is an arcady game), but i missed the old less HUD view style like the old battlefront or other games like battlefield and so that you can customize how the hud will look. i want only crosshair, health or stam bar, decreased size minimap, and decreased cards size, all for a amazingly good gameplay, not just remove the HUD completely! also, ADS for non scope weapons will be pretty dope. I mean look at Republic Commando, that old game has aim down sights even without scope attached. I know this has been more than a year late, but as a "new" player, i liked to see how improving the game by listen acoording to its fans will may reach something entirely amazing, and it have! id love this game


  • Cyro
    459 posts Member

    here's a little mod that adds ADS to the DC15 and the DL-44 for officers. but i agree, it should have been standard on this game... instead we got the easiest way to go for an developer: zoom -> disable weapon -> show scope... cheapest move ever. and it looks awful. if you at least could SEE the blasters scope arround the zoom-vision... like in Red Orchestra or Battlefield...but no.
    Checklist to improve the Game:
    -End cross Era Heroes in Galactic Assault
    -41st Camo Scouts on Kashyyyk
    -More Blasters (SE-14, T-21 etc.)
    -Weapon Rework (attachments, scopes, iron sights, stocks)
    -Actual reload animations like on DC-17 Commando (magchange)
    -Option to disable other players skins clientside (no more Legion Mix)

  • awesome, didnt expect for this kind of mod to exist.. theres still alternative hope, gonna try it
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